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Simple Crossfire Hack v2.3

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V2.3 Update:
- Increase modules load speed to prevent random errors
- Stuck at loading screen fixed
- Added 3 more options for hotkeys F3 & F4 (press once = 1x, 2nd = 2x, third = 3x)
- Improved xtrap bypass

What version of Crossfire does this work with?
- North America (NA)

What OS does this work on?
- Windows XP
- Windows Vista
- WWindows 7


→ Wallhack→ See Ghost→ Fast Defuse→ Fast Plant→ Remove Fog→ No Smoke→ No Flashbang→ No Knockback→ No Chat Block→ No Fall Damage→ No Scope Overlay→ Knife Range (2x)→ Grenade AOD (1.5x)→ Weapon Range (max)→ Weapon Damage (+25)→ Round House Knife (360°)→ Spy Hack (Hotkey F2)→ Knife Speed 1x 2x 3x (Hotkey F3)→ Mini Speedhack 1x 1.5x 2x (Hotkey F4)→ Wire Frame (Hotkey F9)→ White Player (Hotkey F10)→ Remove Sky (Hotkey F11)→ White Walls (Hotkey F12)→ Save Setting (Hotkey F7)→ Load Setting (Hotkey F8)→ HTD Remover + Panic Key (Left CTRL + Hotkey F1)Spy Hack, makes yourself invisible but unable to attack, turn it off to teleport from point A to point BMost fun to use in Escape mode, Zombie mode (MM/HM), Ghost mode (GM), EM map, SND (planting bomb), TD, & etcHotkey F7, only be used for hotkey hacks or first time injecting the hack. A file will be created in drive C: with name BarleyCandy.iniYou can modify the file, 1 = enable hack; 0 = disable hack. Once finished press Hotkey F8 to loadIF you don't have admin permission to edit file in drive c: Copy BarleyCandy.ini to desktop edit from there then paste back to c: & replaceHTD or Hack Tool Detected, try not to click ok but hit the hotkey to remove it & you will disconnected from server after 2 secondsLaunch crossfire & re-login back, your account may be safePanic Key, force quit the crossfireWhite Walls, must activate it in lobby

How do I use the hack?
→ Download and extract the attachment
→ Get my injector:…ml#post6142280
→ Read the instruction
→ Launch crossfire
If the hack doesn’t work, don’t use it. I will not respond to QQ posts

- .NET Framework 4.5 RC

Screenshot:15841158 Simple Crossfire Hack v2.3

Anyone else i forgot to mention

Virus Scans:
BarleyCandy v2.3.rar – Jottis Malwarescanner…is/1339464913/


Terms Of Use1.You Are Not Apart Of G4BOX™, NEOWIZ, SMILEGATE™, Z8GAMES or anything related to them.2.You Understand that i did this in the Art Of Programming.3.You Understand that I'm Not Part Of G4BOX™, NEOWIZ, SMILEGATE™, Z8GAMES Or Anything Related To Z8Games 4.You Are Not A Person Contracted By G4BOX™, NEOWIZ, SMILEGATE™, Z8GAMES Or Anything Related To Them To Use This.5.You Are Not A Contracted, Law Firm From G4BOX™, NEOWIZ, SMILEGATE™, Z8GAMES Or Anything-Related To them.DisclaimerIf You Agree To Use This Hack You Accept That, I BarleyCandy Take No Responsibility for Damage caused To Your Game, Computer & Or A Ban On Your Account.
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Download here

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