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MW2 auto quickscope script [AHK]

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Hello. I see, you have been looking for some good auto quickscope scripts since you are visiting this thread.

I’m tired by trying such noob scripts. You can’t hit, you can’t even aim with it. That’s why i made my own. I’m not just saying this bcuz i want ppl to use it. I’m saying this because it’s true!

What you need:
Autohotkey: AutoHotkey – Free Mouse and Keyboard Macro Program with Hotkeys and AutoText

How to do it:
First of all. U need the code, and you will get it here

Code:~Xbutton2::SuspendRbutton::{    GetKeyState, state, Rbutton, T     if state = D    {      send {RButton Down}      sleep 380      MouseClick,left      send {RButton Up}      send {Shift}      sleep 5      send {RButton down}      MouseClick, Right   }else    {   MouseClick,Right       }}

Then. Open notepad, copy&paste the code into it, save it as: Script.AHK

and chose “All files” instead of “.Txt”, now start MW2, and start the script afterwards.

Press the right button (Usually the zoom button)
And press to quickscope. This script is coded by ME

Thnx // CaTo38

Picture: img79eefc5bd55da5c69f93aadf68d74e67 MW2 auto quickscope script [AHK]
Video here:…-9x-_FIGw8nTHi

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