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ImSultan’s Spammer – Spam MineCraft Servers!

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mSultan’s Spammer – MineCraft Chat Spammer.
Quick Info:

This Program (ImSultan’s Spammer) is an easy to use spamming bot, you can use it to Spam MineCraft Servers. this easy to use program can be helpful to crash them, also can be used for other games and/or programs (IMs).

How to Use:

1. Run MineCraft And Join a Server
2. Run The Program (ImSultan’s Spammer)
3. Enter Your Message Between The “[ ]”
4. Click “Start Spam”
5. Go Back to Your MineCraft and Un-Pause the game
6. Start Winning bobo ImSultans Spammer   Spam MineCraft Servers!


1. The Program Spams The server/Chat Fast, and doesn’t lag the Spammer (you).
2. it can be stop-able, just by clicking “esc” or just pausing the game.

To-do list:

1. Add Hot Keys.
2. Add Speed Meter.

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