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Dr.Zhark’s Mo’creature for 1.8

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ModLoader and AudioMod By Risugami Can be Found and Downloaded Here! ModLoader & Audio Mod

  1. To install!
  2. Type %appdata% – Roaming – .minecraft
  3. unzip dr zhark and open up mods in dr zharks mo’creature
  4. in the mods folder of mo’creatures, copy the zip into .minecraft – mods
  5. If you don’t have the mods folder in .minecraft, make 1
  6. now, go to resources in dr zhark and match up the files in .minecraft/resources and put it there
  7. now open minecraft.jar with winrar
  8. install GuiAPI by drag n’ droping them into minecraft.jar replacing
  9. install GuiAPI FIRST!
  10. then drag all the mod loader contents into minecraft.jar and replace
  11. now copy ibxm and oe.class from audio mod to minecraft.jar
  12. open paulscode in minecraft.jar sounds – codecs and same thing for audio mod and copy the CodeclIBXM.class into minecraft.jar/paulscode/sound/codecs
  13. Now open minecraft and test and any problems Private Message (PM) or VM me

1BJ5A Dr.Zharks Mocreature for 1.8

hzPQL Dr.Zharks Mocreature for 1.8

- Werewolf

- Werewolf 2

  1. Animal/Mob List:
    -Lion (plus female lions)
    -Polar Bear
    -Bunny – Can be carried by head by right clicking and will be tamed . Put the bunny in a cage and will have babies
    -Flame Wraith
    -Fire Ogres
    -Cave Ogres
    -Light Horse
    -Brown Horse – Naturally Found
    -Black Horse
    -Pack Horse
    -Nightmare – Breeding Required
    -Black Pegasus
    -Birds – Drop Seeds
    -Dolphins – Can be tamed by giving them fishes and can ride them. there are different kinds of dolphins
    -Snow Leopards
    -Hell Rats

    DrZhark – Mod
    Risugami – ModLoader and AudioMod
    Lahwran – GuiAPI

    Other helpers for this mod:
    -Vaprtek, for his awesome Horse Model.
    -Dorino1 quack sounds plus painterly pack’s duck texture.
    -Macaque for his boar textures.
    -KodaichiZero for his Bunnies!
    -Rondaround: fox idea, AI, sounds and texture
    -_303 and Risugami for their help with ModLoader and AudioMod
    -Corosus for pointing some optimization changes in the code
    -charle88 for shark’s model inspiration
    -cdrumer11 for his help with the pink and white dolphin skins
    -KentCJensen for his amazing Ogres and fish textures
    -blood for his unvaluable help with updating to 1.8.1 and the upcoming Mo’Creatures SMP

    Rep Me If you love it! win Dr.Zharks Mocreature for 1.8

    Please Approve @Heartview @Thunder


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