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AQ Elite Lore 36 Beta [Made By The Immortal]

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This Is NOT The 3542 Version,This Is The 3600 Version.

Download AQ Elite Lore 36
Extract Using Winrar
Run AQ Elite.exe in AQ_Elite_36_Beta Folder

Adobe Flash Player 8.0 And Up
Microsoft .NetFrameWork 4.0

If Showed Up Blank,Go To Elite Hacks<Miscs<Update Lore

unledgo AQ Elite Lore 36 Beta [Made By The Immortal]

Class Hack – Adventurer: Sets Base Classes & Subrace Levels To 10 & The Rest To 5 – Guardian: Sets All Class & Subrace Levels To 10 – ShapeShifter: Unlocks All ShapeShifting Skills – Reset: Sets Everything To 0
Quest Hack: Custom Weapon – Set Subrace – Blade of Awe – Armor of Awe
Set Koofu: Allows You To Set & Load Your Koofu
Spellcraft Components: Set Your Component For 3 Spellcraft Casts
Misc: Custom Ubers – Set Alignment – Weapon Stealer – Admin Menu – Change Name – Face Hack – Max Potions – Update Lore
Ballyhoo: Automatically Clicks Everything For You Until You Reach The Limit
Auto Login: Continuously Checks To See If The Server Is Full & If It Is Not, It Logs You In
Back To Town: To Go Back To Town Whenever You Feel Like It
Temp Guardian: Instantly Gives You Access To Everything A Guardian Has (Except Shops)
Sizable + Movable: Makes AQ Elite Sizable, Movable & Minimizable
Restore Style: Restores The Original Style But With The New Size & Position
Check For Updates: It Checks If There Is An Update Available
Monster ID: Fight Any Monster You Want At Any Time
Elite Damage: Do SuperMegaUltra ElementX Damage (Instant Win)
Fight: Battle The Undefeatables & Train Or Untrain You Stats (Click Cancel To Stop)
AutoFight: Death Farmer – Random Adventure – ID AutoBattler
AutoQuest: AutoBattler For Quests Like The Pit, Carnax Challenge, The Void & Triple Challenge
AutoWin: Instantly Win Any Battle
Shop Load: Go To Any Shop You Want To At The Press Of A Button
Unload Hacks: To Unload Any SWF Currently Loaded
Arrow Icon: Minimize To Tray
X Icon: Close AQ Elite
Always On Hacks: Infinite Eggs, Dice Rolls, Class Armors’ Charges & Cap Checker: Notifies You When You Reached Your Cap & Turns Off All Auto’s

F1 – Elite Damage
F2 – Load Action.swf (Rename Your Custom SWF To Action)
F3 – 9999 SP
F4 – Full Heal / Replenish HP & MP

* It is best to turn off Auto’s, while it is saving.
Do not switch Auto’s or load anything without turning it off first.
If your stolen weapon freezes, untick ‘With Special’ and then steal it.
If you Load Koofu while in battle, it will only appear after you attack.
If the Stat Trainers give an error it means you don’t have enough gold or any stat points.
When you use the face hack, you have to re-login to see your new face.
‘Sizable + Movable’ changes to ‘Restore Style’ once clicked.

* To Get 700,000 Gold and Lots of Exp,Go To Elite Hacks<Miscs<Admin Menu
There,Type In 5128 Where It Said Monster ID: Under it,Where It Said Pack Size 1-4,Put 2 As The Pack Size.Tick Go,Use Elite Damage (Insta-Kill) *Founded By batyee1*
Note:I AM NOT responsible if anyone gets there account banned, CAT’d, disabled/locked, or anything else, this is your responsibility. Please DO NOT share this on any other forums.

One More Thing,To Use The Shop Load,You Can Find The ShopIDs.txt In The Folder.

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