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How to hack DragonFable with Haxory’ DragonFable V2.1

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Hello, currently the best tutorial up on this site for DragonFable is a guide on how to hack it with Cheat Engine. This was the method I used a couple years ago and today it is severely outdated. I’m going to show you how you can make a character go from level 1 to level 31 in a matter of seconds.

  1. Open “Haxory’ DragonFable V2.1″
  2. Go to the DragonFable website, click on the game and check it’s current version at the bottom of the website. When posted it was 9.9.2, take that and change it to game9_9_2.swf
  3. Put game9_9_2.swf in the text field located at the bottom right corner of the program then press Load.
  4. Restart the Program.
  5. Log in with your username and password like normal and then go to Falcon Reach.
  6. Click Travel and go to the 100 Room Dungeon.
  7. Replace the text “Layer” located right under the list of .swf’s with “1″ then click Autosave EXP and Credits N.swf
  8. Click Load selected .swf and wait for about 45 seconds, then click stop.

After you’ve done that you should have an error message. This means that your character has reached his daily experience cap, repeat these steps again the next day for even more levels!

You can toy around with the other .swf’s if you’d like. You can also download SWF’ and add it’s contents to the SWF folder for Haxory which will give you alot more stuff.

Credits for the trainer go to Haxory’ of Cheat Engine Forums, the SWF’s were written by various coders and this tutorial was written by me just for you guys!

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How to hack DragonFable with Haxory' DragonFable V2.1
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