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D3D Menu

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D3D Hacks
Chams(Shows Players Through Walls, 1 Color For Showing, 1 Color Behind)
Wallhack(Shows Players Through The Wall, No Colors)
Glass Walls(ASUS Wallhack)
Player Wireframe(Adds A Wireframe To Your Player)
Full Wireframe(Wireframes Whole Map)
No Fog(Removes Fog From All Maps)
Move Menu(Moves Your Menu To Your Desired Position)
Save Menu(Saves Features On The Menu)
Load Menu(Loads Saved Features On The Menu)
Reset Menu(Turns All Features Off)
FPS(Shows Frames Per Second)
Time(Shows Time Of Day)
Date(Shows Date)

Notes: Make sure you don’t have outside programs such as Xfire, Fraps, Teamspeak, or anything useless open, as they’re known to cause crashes.
Also, make sure you have directx up to date and any files needed.

Bugs: The menu may disappear for about 5 seconds, along with the crosshair, but will return shortly every once in a while. Any other bugs, please report them here along with your Operating System and bit type.

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D3D Menu
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